Supporters and Sponsors of PHOENICIA (9/1/2022)

Aug 24d

Please find attached a partial list of supporters and sponsors of the PHOENICIA Expedition from Carthage, Tunisia to Miami, Florida.

This list identifies more than 200 people and institutions who gave their support to Captain Philip Beale. More than 90% of these supporters are from outside the United States. They have donated money and time to the expedition because they understand the importance of giving the Phoenicians their proper place in the ancient history of America. The Phoenicians were the greatest seafarers of the Old World. They had the technology to cross the Atlantic. Their ships were strong. They were rich because for hundreds of years their ships ruled the seas. The world’s oldest Phoenician ship replica is now in Iowa. This ship represents the ancient connections between the people of the Old and New Worlds.

In the last decade the Old World gave Philip Beale millions of dollars in support to do what he did. He sailed 30,000 nautical miles around Africa and across the Atlantic. Philip has earned his place among the great explorers of history. There is no other seafarer who is ready to do what he did. After doing what he did, he has said that he is not ready to do it again.

In a very real sense, Philip’s adventures were as much about the New World as the Old World. Philip’s expeditions have received media attention in the major population centers of the Middle East and North Africa. Tens of millions of people overseas know what Philip has done. There are only a few people in the Western Hemisphere who realize the significance of his daring achievements. We have spent several days with Philip. We know how unassuming and genuine he is in his personal life and manner.

We offer this list of PHOENICIA sponsors and donors as an indication of what Philip represents in the eyes of people who have known him for decades. We are all fortunate to work with such a fine fellow. Faculties and students of major universities will appreciate the ancient connections that Philip’s expeditions represent to the history of ancient America.

IMG 0143
IMG 0136

The Carthaginians/Phoenicians were master shipbuilders in the Ancient World. Their ships made them rich, and because of their ships they were global players for more than 700 years. By sailing from Carthage to Miami Captain Philip Beale showed the likelihood of a 2,600-year-old connection between the Old and New Worlds. We hope to re-establish this connection. We wish to work with Tunisian government officials in developing an awareness of their ancestors who most likely came to America 2000 years before Columbus.


Ancient Hebrew Menorah in Ireland

IMG 2132

PHEONICIAN hull timbers on Mississippi

Phoenicia Print 24 x 36 600 Years
IMG 0093

Arrival of 40-foot Container on January 15, 2022 in Montrose, Iowa.

PHOENICIA Supporters and Sponsors1
PHOENICIA Supporters and Sponsors2
PHOENICIA Supporters and Sponsors3
PHOENICIA Supporters and Sponsors4

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