Let’s Find Zarahemla (11/26/2022)



In the last year, we worked more than 3,000 hours on the restoration of the PHOENICIA ship replica. In the coming year we intend to put at least 6,000 hours on the project.

Some have complained that the PHOENICIA has replaced our interest in finding the ancient city Zarahemla. This is not true. After all, Zarahemla is an ancient Phoenician word. The people of Mulek after the burning of the First Temple in the Bible came to America. These people 2,600 years ago founded the city of Zarahemla on the west banks of the Mississippi River in Lee County Iowa.

The restoration of the PHOENICIA and the discovery of Zarahemla go hand in hand, just like the Pilgrim Fathers and Plymouth Rock. Our Phoenicia Workshop is only a few hundred feet from the location of the Temple of Zarahemla. When you come to the PHOENICIA you are in Zarahemla.

We have already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our search for Zarahemla. We have more details from large scientific scans and LiDAR imaging.

Click HERE to see a 38-page report we wrote two years ago showing the results from 223 arces of scanning. This report is just the beginning of what will come out of the ground.

We have the world’s highest resolution LiDAR scans for more than 10,000 acres coming out of the ground of the City of Zarahemla. Several experts have already looked at these scans. They have identified exact locations for pieces of a defensive wall that is as long as ten miles. We have already looked in the ground at the soil layers to determine whether or not they were placed there by people from earlier civilizations.

All these efforts require careful examination and lots of money. We will continue in our efforts to move the research forward.

We welcome your participation. We need your talents and resources as we push this work along. This research depends on your goodwill and donations. We pray for the blessings of God in all that we do.

Please help us as we discover together the truth coming across the Atlantic and out of the ground of the Heartland.

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Yuri and Vera on the PHOENICIA.

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PHOENICIAN Ship Cut in Stone.

image001 1
image001 2
Aug 24

Restoration of the Phoenician Ship in Montrose, Iowa

600 bc
Fort Moroni View

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