Native American Couple and the Phoenicia (11/28/2022)

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If God is with us, who can be against us?

There are thousands of ancient records and artifacts that confirm the importance of the Phoenicians in 600 B.C. when God told Lehi to take his family into the wilderness to escape Jerusalem’s pending destruction.

In just the last year, we have wistnessed thousands of mircles where the Hand of God has helped bring out the story that started in the Old World 2,622 years ago.

Surely, God prepared and directed the lives of Mike and Betty LaFontaine so that they would be ready for our time to take on the important task of bringing all the parts together for the reconstruction on the PHOENICIA in the New World.

Click HERE to see Rick Bennett’s interview on Gospels Tangents to hear the first hand account of how the Native American couple today is at center stage for the telling of their story of how their ancestors traveled by sea 2,600 years ago from Jerusalem to Zarahemla.

Twenty-six centuries after the building of the ancient ship replica, Philip Beale captained the PHOENICIA and brought her to Florida where he handed her off to Mike and Betty. Today the rebuilding of this ship replica is in Iowa under the careful and able protection of the LaFontaine’s. The ship in Iowa is the only known replica of a 600 B.C. Phoenician ship in existence anywhere in the world.

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Yuri and Vera on the PHOENICIA.

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PHOENICIAN Ship Cut in Stone.

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Aug 24

Restoration of the Phoenician Ship in Montrose, Iowa

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