Preparing for Next Phase of the Project (5/15/2023)


Pheonicians 600 BC.

We are preparing for the next phase of our project. The restoration of the world’s oldest trans-Atlantic replica ship will advance this summer as more than a thousand people will come from all over the world to give their helping hands.

Having started the project more than two years ago, we are expanding it. Phoenicians were the ancient world’s greatest seafarers. A reception will be held in the middle of the summer for our friends whose ancestors came from Lebanon. Throughout this summer, there will be many workers and visitors from all over the country and the world.

Our remaining parts of the ship in England will be delivered this summer. We will soon have the complete set of cut pieces for the 40 tons of the ship in Iowa. By the end of the summer, we will all be surprised at how much we will have accomplished through our joint efforts.

A replica of the ship will have a profound impact on the pre-European history of America. The Romans took down the Phoenicians and tried to erase them from the history of the Old World. After Columbus, the Europeans came to the Heartland and tried to destroy the history of the Native Americans. Until now there has been too much destruction of history. It is now time to bring more history to light.

Before Columbus, the Phoenicians came to America. We will show how these seafarers crossed the oceans from the Old World to the New World at least 2,000 years before Columbus.

We have plans to build a proper museum that will house the ship’s replica so that people from around the world will be able to see for themselves how ancient people came to America with their faith, culture and knowledge.

We have already located 10 acres on the Mississippi River where we intend to build the museum.

We have the largest collection of Cedar of Lebanon logs in America. We want our friends to come to the restoration of the ship to personalize a piece of cedar that will commemorate their work on the ship.

The Museum will be a place where the descendants of the Phoenicians will be able to celebrate their glorious history, sing their wonderful songs, dance their exciting dances and pray their faithful prayers. Please join our efforts in the restoration of history. For more information, contact Dr. John Lefgren at

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Phoenician Museum Concept 1A

Artist’s Conception of Phoenician Ship Museum in Montrose, Iowa.


The PHOENICIA coming to America with Lebanese Flag.

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