Stick Of Judah In Land Of Zarahemla (8/21/2023)

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We are surprised at what comes into the shop as we work on the Phoenicia.

Today we received as gifts two copies of 1833 editions of the Hebrew Bible and a good facsimile of The Gutenberg Bible of 1454.

These books are clear evidence that God if mindful of what we are doing.

Note that Mulek is a son of the Old Testament king Zedekiah (about 589 BC). The Bible records that all the sons of Zedekiah were slain (2 Kgs. 25:7), but the Book of Mormon clarifies that Mulek survived (Hel. 8:21).

The Stick of Judah came to the Land of Zarahemla where we read in Omni 1:14 that “they discovered a people, who were called the people of Zarahemla. Now, there was great rejoicing among the people of Zarahemla; and also Zarahemla did rejoice exceedingly, because the Lord had sent the people of Mosiah with the plates of brass which contained the record of the Jews.”

Today in our collection of artifacts we have added the record of the Jews as was done in 350 BC.

Here are some pictures of the books. Come and see for yourself the records of the Jews that have returned to the Land of Zarahemla.

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All are welcome at the Phoenicia to see and feel ancient artifacts that are from the Old World in the Heartland. Cast and crew members from the Nauvoo Pageant are in the picture.

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