Zarahemla And Phoenicia (8/20/2023)

David Hall Land Donation


Thanks to donations from thousands of people, Heartland Research now owns two significant assets. First, we have the world’s oldest ship replica that crossed the Atlantic. Second, we own 9.37 acres of land in front of the Zarahemla Temple site in Montrose, Iowa.

Lee County Land Records show that Heartland Research owns free and clear 9.37 acres off of Highway 61 on the west bank of the Mississippi.

We are grateful to report that the pieces of the 600 BC ship replica are now all in our warehouse and that land for the future development of our non-profit corporation is in our control.

This month Heartland Research celebrates its eighth year. The organization has never had a stronger balance sheet.

We will continue the ship’s restoration and soon focus our considerable talents on land development. We are in the right place. We now have permission from landowners who own hundreds of acres to do scientific surveys in our search for Zarahemla.

This week we installed high-speed internet throughout the Phoenicia building. We can now do video streaming and conferencing directly from the Phoenicia Ship to anywhere in the world. Our first video conference was with Captain Philip Beale. While he was in England, we showed him the details of how we were joining the cut pieces of the ship together. It was great to get Phlip’s immediate direction and approval of our work.

Here are some pictures that we took today of the 9.37 acres. Please stand by as we move forward with this critical project.


Nauvoo Temple Visible from Heartland Research Land.


9.37 acres directly across Mississippi River from the Nauvoo Temple. This site has access to Highway 61 and is in front of the Zarahemla Temple.


All are welcome at the Phoenicia to see and feel ancient artifacts that are from the Old World in the Heartland. Cast and crew members from the Nauvoo Pageant are in the picture.


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