Model of Phoenician Ship Museum

Model of Phoenician Ship Museum (12/31/2022)

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Clark Schaffer – Hollywood Set Designer Has Agreed to Prepare Model of Phoenician Ship Museum for Unveiling at the New York Explorers Club in Manhattan in May.

Today we had the privilege to meet Clark Schaffer for lunch at the Little American Hotel in Salt Lake City. He is a freelance artist who has a life-time of experience making models and sets for Hollywood. His work includes artistic support for the film productions of Ironman and Batman. Clark recently made set designs for the international television production of the 2022 Tabernacle Christmas Concert.

We spent two hours talking about the PHOENICIA and our preparations for the New York Explorers Club event that is on the calendar for Tuesday, May 2nd.

Clark recognizes the importance of what Philip Beale has done. As a matter of fact, two months ago, Clark and Philip met each other to talk about the PHOENICIA and Philip’s expeditions around Africa and the crossing of the Atlantic. In those conversations, Clark had the chance to confirm the historic significance of what Philip has accomplished.

Today Clark agreed that he would in the next ten days prepare three artistic drawings that illustrate his concepts for the museum. Clark wants to help create a place where the world will be able to see and feel the PHOENICIA in all its glory on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

In mid-January members of our board and our friends in Carthage, Tunisia and Morocco will join Clark in a video conference when they will have a chance to give their opinions about the design renderings for the world’s oldest ship replica that crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

After more than a dozen people will have had a chance to give their comments and direction, Clark will then prepare an actual model of the ship museum for an unveiling in Manhattan to international media and diplomatic leaders.

We are sure that the unveiling the model of the Phoenician Ship Museum will get the attention of millions of people and will help us raise the two million dollars we will need to build a suitable home for an artifact that will rewrite the history of contacts between the Old and New Worlds 2,600 years ago.

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Cedar of Lebanon

Large Phoenicia

Captain Beale on Deck of PHOENICIA