People and Events

Man wearing a protective helmet of some sort.
Etching of a man of authority with many Egyptian features. He wears an Egyptian crown (Uraeus) and carries a scepter in his left hand and an ankh (“life” or “key of life”) in his right hand and with a cartouche (contains a royal name) in front of him. Behind him, to the left, is a horn and trumpet. Additional unknown writing at the top.
Man with a fancy headdress.
Helmeted man with a plume.
Woman wearing feather.
Man with ponytail. Unknown symbol at the top.
Man of possibly African descent.
Bearded man with ponytail. Writing at the top undeciphered.
Depiction of bird, possibly a dove.
Inscription of temple menorah with Hebrew like writing.
Depiction of Jesus casting out devils into swine.
A representation of Christ. The “mystic symbol” is at the top and according to Brian Nettles is Yud Hey Vav and best translated as “The People of God”. The symbol on the bottom is “son of the right hand” or “the right hand of God” and “righteousness”.
Depiction of Jesus descending (he is in mid air and feet are not shown) and extending a hand to the man with the feather. To the right is a tree, possibly representing the tree of life. To the left is the “mystic symbol” meaning the people of God and the symbol “the right hand of God” or or “son of the right hand” or “righteousness”. The other symbol meanings are unknown.
Jesus showing nail prints in His hands. Other symbols are labeled.
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