Reorganization of Heartland Research (9/27/2022)

Aug 24

Heartland Research has reorganized its Board of Directors.

Some weeks ago, Mayne May told Heartland Research that he had other priorities for his time and money. He asked to be removed from the Board and made clear the terms for his separation. We accepted his terms, with a signed separation agreement. Heartland Research equipment and intellectual property remains with Heartland Research. We paid per Wayne’s instructions the money to American Artifact Preservation from which Wayne will be able to focus on those activities for which he is so well qualified. We wish him success in his future endeavors.

In light of Wayne’s resignation, Heartland Research has reorganized its Board of Directors as follows:

John Lefgren – President
Mike LaFontaine – Vice President
Jeri Mackley – Secretary
Jay Mackley – Treasurer
Betty LaFontaine – Board Member
Mike Stahlman – Board Member

Our first priority is to finish the PHOENICIA. We will also investigate sites that are connected to the ancient city of Zarahemla. In all our efforts, we will rely on the best methods and sources.

We will continue to give frequent updates on the results of our research. We pray for God’s blessings and welcome your faithful participation and support.

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