Heartland Research Group – Q&A (6/20/2023)

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For those interested in the latest Heartland Research Group news, here is an update in a Q&A format.

Q1. I’ve seen some of your expedition activities in the past. What are you doing now?
A1. We had the opportunity to acquire “The Phoenicia” sailing ship and we did so. The Phoenicia is a modern replica of a 600BC sailing vessel that crossed the Atlantic in 2019, proving that ancient mariners had the technology to do so. The ship is now being restored for display. You can learn about the Phoenicia at Phoenicia.rocks and also at TheHeartlandResearchGroup.org.

Q2. So what are you doing besides the Phoenicia?
A2. We are in the planning stages of constructing a museum to house the Phoenicia. In addition, the museum will display ancient artifacts and expeditions results. We would like to partner with the Universal Model, Truth Seekers, the Flood Museum and possibly others to support science and history exhibits. There will be other attractions also but it is too early to announce specifics. Please stay tuned.

Q3. Sounds expensive. How are you funded?
A3. We currently have many small internet donors and a few larger donors – all of who have helped keep us afloat since our last major expedition. We have a recent donor commitment for funding the museum. Land acquisition and site planning are now under way. It is a very busy time for us.

Q4. How big is the museum? Where will it be located?
A4. It’s currently planned for about a 200×160 ft footprint and three floors but this may change. We will probably send out some more details in the future. It will have a view to the Nauvoo Temple on 40 acres in Lee County Iowa. The site will first be surveyed archaeologically.

Q5. Who runs the Heartland Research Group?
A5. The HRG is a 501c3 organization with a Board of Directors.

Q6. Why exactly are you building a museum? Was that part of your original goal?
A6. Our goal and mission statement is one of discovery, research and awareness for ancient American civilizations in the heartland of America. The Phoenicia and the museum are an important means to this end.

Q7. This is all very exciting! How can I support the Heartland Research Group?
A7. Donations can be made through the internet or by contacting John Lefgren or Mike La Fontaine. Physical assistance volunteers for the Phoenicia restoration this summer is also greatly appreciated. For details please see Phoenicia.rocks and TheHeartlandResearchGroup.org.

▪ Jay Mackley
Jay Mackley

Heartland Research Supporters at Fund Raising Dinner in the Salt Palace.


Phoenician Ship Contruction as of 06/20/2023


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