Americas Largest Collection of Lebanon Cedar (2/7/2023)


The tree was planted by freedom-loving, Bible-believing people before the Civil Wat near the brithplace of America.

By the Providence of God, the tree grew and became the largest Cedar of Lebanon ever to grow in America. Two years ago the tree died and last year it was cut down.

Tomorrow a 42-foot flatbed, semi-truck, will move the second load of logs, about 20,000 pounds, over 1,000 miles on the interstate to the Heartland of America next to the Phoenician Ship Museum.

This is a big deal. The logs will help change the history of ancient America.

Clip here to see a report on the the tree and its Bibical history.

More information will be forthcoming in the next few days as we move forward with the restoration of the world’s oldest ship replica that has crossed the Atlantic.

The Old World did its part when she supported Captain Philip Beale with thousands of people and millions of dollars. It is now time for the New World to take up the challenge and do its part by unveiling the hidden history of how the two worlds connected in 600 BC.

tel kedesh5

Excavating Tel Kedesh

tel kedesh4

Excavating Tel Kedesh

tel kedesh 01725

Excavating Tel Kedesh


The Flag of Lebanon

Large Phoenicia

Phoenicia – World’s Oldest Ship Replica Crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

imagejpeg 4

Cedars of Lebanon at the Phoenicia Ship Museum in Montrose, Iowa.

sargon transporting-cedar-lebanon louvre fjenkins082014 6069smt

Offloading Cedar of Lebanon Logs at Phoenician Ship Museum, January 30, 2023.


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