Amphora Found With Phoenicia Ship (8/5/2023)

Amphora 1


The culture of the ancient Phoenicians had a significant effect on the history of wine. Through contact and trade, the Phoenicians spread not only their alphabet but also their knowledge of viticulture and winemaking, including the propagation of several ancestral varieties of the Vitis vinifera species of wine grapes.

Last week in Montrose, Iowa, we received the remaining half of the cut pieces of the Phoenicia from Captain Philip Beale in England.

Yesterday Mike LaFontaine discovered in the 40 foot sea container one amphora with a seal. We are grateful that Captain Beale included the amphora with the cut pieces of the ship.

Today Brian Neddles looked at the amphora’s seal and made a translation of the seal from Demonic Egyptian. He concluded that a good translation of the seal reads as a “Pot of Radiant Wine”.

We are happy to start our collection of artifacts that connect to the history of the Phoenicia to the Old World.

We know the ship’s design faithfully connects to Jules-Verne 7, the 600 BC shipwreck that is on display for the whole world to see at Musée Marseille in France.

Amphora 2
Amphora 3
Amphora 4
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