World’s Oldest Ship Replica Pieces Together (8/9/2023)

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Two thousand six hundred years ago, our story began in the Old World. Today, the 40-foot container is empty and the last structural pieces of the ship replica are on the floor of the Phoenician Museum.

The success of this first stage makes us so happy. Our thanks go out to thousands of people from the Old World who made all of this possible. Such a clear connection between the Old and New Worlds 2,000 years before Columbus would not have been possible without Captain Philip Beale’s efforts. Now is the time for us to rewrite the history of Ancient America.

The adventures of Captain Beale must be considered by anyone who speaks about the native populations of the New World. The Royal Navy Officer gave up his life’s energy and fortune for Phoenicia. There is no doubt about our purpose. In order to honor the heroic achievements of lost civilizations we will show in the museum on the Mississippi how the Old World impacted the ancient history of America.

A few pictures are included here. Save this email so you can track our progress. The time has come for Americans to take on the challenge of reconstruction. To preserve ancient history for future generations and lost generations, we will join the pieces together.

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Mike and Betty LaFontaine Honoring the History of Their People.

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The timbers will come together to witness the history of lost civilizations in the Old and New Worlds.

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All are welcome at the Phoenicia.


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