Lebanese Embassy in Washington D.C. (2/3/2023)

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Meeting Next Week at Lebanese Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The Lebanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. has closely followed our reports concerning the construction of the Phoenician Ship Museum in Montrose, Iowa. It is clear to them that their ancestors were instrumental in developing some of the best ships in ancient times. Lebanon recognizes that many records, including the Bible, detailed the use of Cedars of Lebanon for building temples, ships, cosmetics, and medicines. Indeed, there is a green cedar tree in the center of their national flag

Yesterday we contacted the Lebanese Embassy and talked with them about scheduling a meeting at their place to discuss how we may jointly cooperate in bring to the attention of millions of people the world’s oldest trans-oceanic ship replica that will be finished with Cedar of Lebanon that came from the birthplace of America.

Here is a copy of the letter that we sent.


Head of Mission
Waël Hachem
Chargé d’Affaires a.i.
2560 28th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20008

The Honorable Hachem,

Today I talked with your able assistant Ms. Araz Kazanjian.

In the last year, your Embassy has followed my reports on the Phoencian Ship Museum being built by Heartland Research on the Mississippi River in Iowa. Click here to see a flipbook that gives some information on our activities. We are very excited with this project and we want to meet you to discuss our plans for the future.

You can read from our booklet how we now have the largest collection of Cedar of Lebanon logs in the history of America. We now have the attention of hundreds of thousands Americans.

We are planning events at the New York Explorers Club in Manhattan, at the Tyler Arboretum in Philadelphia and George Washington University in Washington, D.C. At these events the public will have a chance to become acquainted with our activities.

For sure, you are familiar with Captain Philip Beale from the United Kingdom. Without him there would be no Phoenicia. We are now working with him and other people overseas. There are thousands of Americans who are helping with the restoration of the world’s oldest ship replica that has crossed the Atlantic. We believe that the ship replica will change the history of America and will reflect favorably on the history of your people.

I want to meet you next week at your office in Washington, D.C. The purpose of our meeting would be to discuss ways we can work together to bring the knowledge of your country’s impressive history to the attention of millions of Americans.

Please suggest a time next week that is suitable for you to meet. I will then drive down to the meeting at your Embassy.

Many thanks for your kind and careful attention.


John Lefgren, PhD
Heartland Research Inc
Cell 484-548-3350



The Flag of Lebanon

Large Phoenicia

Phoenicia – World’s Oldest Ship Replica Crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

imagejpeg 2

Cedar of Lebanon Logs at the Phoenician Ship Museum.

imagejpeg 4

Cedars of Lebanon at the Phoenicia Ship Museum in Montrose, Iowa.

sargon transporting-cedar-lebanon louvre fjenkins082014 6069smt

Cedar of Lebanon at Birthplace of America.


Offloading Cedar of Lebanon Logs at Phoenician Ship Museum, January 30, 2023.

Baalat Sidon

Symbol of Phoenician Sidon


Port of Sidon, Lebanon.


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