Join Us In Zarahemla (11/4/2023)

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Come and see the ship as she comes together in Zarahemla.

ship and land 1

On the west bank of River Sidon.


No other group, since the publishing of the book 200 years ago when Zarahemla was first mentioned, has done as much to uncover America’s ancient city as Heartland Research. Click here to see more.

Today, we have a 40-ton ship replica faithfully patterned after a shipwreck from the Western Mediterranean Sea. The ship replica connects us 2,600 years ago to the Old and New Worlds. There are no gaps in the timeline.

We go back to 600 B.C. to the lands of the Bible. We connect in Zarahemla to the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, Father Lehi, and Mulek, the Prince of Judah.

Join us in this great adventure.

Heartland Research Group

Cutting Tip

A flint burin for engraving ancient Phoenician scripts into the blue limestone of the Mississippi River Valley. In the field of lithic reduction, a burin /ˈbjuːrɪn is a type of handheld lithic flake with a chisel-like edge which thousands of years ago humans used for engraving


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