Donate $10 Per Month (10/20/2023)

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We have done so much in the last four years with so little. But there is much more to do. We believe that over 100,000 people are ready to donate $10 per month to help restore the world’s oldest ship replica that connects the Bible to the Mississippi 2,600 years ago.

In the coming months, we will focus our efforts on a broad appeal for the support of many people who want to help but are limited in their finances. We are putting more attention on the possibility of raising support for the ship restoration by reaching out to many more believers and people of goodwill.

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Today we install a web camera that live streams the activities from the floor of the Phoenicia Wharehous in Montrose, Iowa.


Phoenicia Under Contruction in the Old World

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Phoenicia Comes Back Together in the New World.

eubankphoenicia Aug 19 2008 sketch

Donate $10 Per Month.

eubankphoenicia Sept 17 2008 sketch

Phoenicia in Port Ready to Sail Across the Atlantic.


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