Heartland and Book of Mormon Central (10/29/2022)

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We are happy to report that Captain Philip Beale and his friends from Heartland Research met leaders of Book of Mormon Central to discuss the historic significance of the PHOENICIA. The meeting was in the morning of Monday, October 24th, 2022, at the executive offices in Springville, Utah.

To our knowledge, this was the first time that leaders of both groups met in open dialogue to discuss matters of mutual interest. We acknowledge that the meetings were positive and that they will likely lead to other discussions.

Everyone at the meeting recognized that Captain Beale’s seafaring accomplishments are significant. No other person has sailed on the open seas in ancient square-rigged ships as far as Philip. The English Adventurer took routes that traced the trans-oceanic narratives of Lehi and Mulek from accounts that are 2,600 years old.

In the meetings, Heartland Research invited members of Book of Mormon Central to come to Montrose, Iowa, to help with the restoration of the world’s oldest ship replica that has crossed the Atlantic. We look forward to the hands-on reconstruction of an ancient replica whose design came from a well preserved wreck found in July 1993 in the mud of the Port City of Marseille.

Last summer we witnessed the impact that the artifact had on the lives of thousands of people who came to the PHEONICIA Workshop.

We are sure that many more thousands of people will come next summer to see for themselves the marvelous work and a wonder that volunteers are doing under the able direction of experts from Heartland Research.

We welcome all who want to experience for themselves the thrill of connecting to a ship replica that connects to the the ancient migrations of people from the Old World to the New World.

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Executive Director of Book of Mormon Central holding shadow box that contains a piece of the deck and a joint from the PHOENICIA.

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Captain Beale doing his interview in the studios of Book of Mormon Central.

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Mike and Betty LaFontaine in the studios of Book of Mormon Central.

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BofM Central Meeting 2

Yuri and Vera Sanada from Brazil with colleagues from HEARTLAND RESEARCH and BOOK OF MORMON CENTRAL.


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