After Phoenician Purple Rises Again (5/1/2023)

Image from Carthage
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Purple Dye on Crown of King Charles III.


Purple Dye from Carthage, Tunisia.

Carthage brings purple back to England more than 2,000 years after her untimely fall to the Romans.

From her harbors, Carthage ruled the world and from them she will rise again

If you are in London for the Coronation and want to consider the ancient connection of the Old World to the New World, please contact us and we will make the arrangements for you to meet this week at the British Museum one of the world’s foremost experts on the history and production of the color purple.

The British Museum is a public museum dedicated to human history, art and culture located in the Bloomsbury area of London. Its permanent collection of eight million works is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence.

The Phoenician Ship Museum in Montrose, Iowa, is bringing the full story of the color purple to America. Purple is a marker in the ancient world for Christ and so it should be in the New World.

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