Let’S Join Together In Zarahemla (11/9/2023)

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Next week is a good time for many people who follow us with the restoration of America’s oldest ship replica to come and put their mark on history.

Next week, from the 13th to the 18th, volunteers are coming together at the Phonenicia in Montrose, Iowa, to work on restoring the ship replica that connects 6th Century B.C. Jerusalem to the Heartland of America.

Since publishing the book 200 years ago, where Zarahemla was first mentioned, no other group has done as much to uncover America’s ancient city as Heartland Research. Click here to see more.

Next week, you can take the opportunity to work with experienced engineers and craftsmen who are directly involved with the re-building of the ship.

Next week, you can work on the 40-ton ship replica faithfully patterned after a shipwreck from the Western Mediterranean Sea. The ship replica connects us 2,600 years ago to the Old and New Worlds. There are no gaps in the timeline.

We go back to 600 B.C. to the lands of the Bible. We connect in Zarahemla to the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, Father Lehi, and Mulek, the Prince of Judah. Come next week to Montrose, Iowa.

To confirm the details of your participation in next week’s activities, email heartlandresearchgroup@gmail.com or call 484-548-3350.

Join us in this great adventure.

Heartland Research Group

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Come and see the ship as she comes together in Zarahemla.

ship and land 1

On the west bank of River Sidon.

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