Phoenicia Ship Museum and Nauvoo (11/11/2022)

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The Mississippi is one of the great rivers of the world. There are tens of millions of visitors every year who come to the river. Once visitors are on the river’s banks they want to experience the river’s flow.

We are restoring the world’s oldest trans-Atlantic ship replica in Montrose, Iowa, on the west banks of Mississippi. The replica and the mighty river are now joined together.

The connection between the Old and New Worlds Is once again over the salty waters of the Atlantic and the fresh waters of the Mississippi. As a matter of fact, hundreds of millions of tons of grain every year move over these same waters from America to the major ports of the world.

We will make the Phoenicia Ship Museum a world-class attraction. We know that by establishing a ferry from Nauvoo to Montrose we will immediately bring tens of thousands of visitors to see the ship replica that Captain Philip Beale sailed to prove that the Phoenicians had sea-worthy technologies that allowed them to come to America 2,000 years before Columbus.

We are developing a river ferry. Last week we moved into our warehouse a riverboat that has seats for 50 passengers.

The 40-foot craft will be perfect for museum visitors to enjoy the waters of the Mississippi while considering the historic significance of the ancient ship replica.

As a side note, the riverboat is powered by twin 150-horsepower, outboard motors.

Attached are some photos. Enjoy.

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Captain Philip Beale lecturing at the Salt Palace, October 21, 2022.

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