Raising Money for the PHOENICIA (1/26/2023)

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Today’s Remains of Carthage’s Destruction

Copy of Text for a Fund Raising Letter Sent to the Believers

The first thing we want to do is make clear statements to the believers. The
Restoration would not have been possible without the Book of Mormon. Tens of millions of people over 200 years have testified of the Book. There have been over a hundred million copies of the Book published in more than a hundred different languages. By any measure, the Book of Mormon stands as the most important publication originating from America. We want to anchor the Book to the ancient history of our country.

The 40-ton replica ship in Montrose, Iowa historically connects to Jerusalem
of the 6th Century BC. It is the larges artifact of its kind. The ship sailed from the Old World and is being rebuilt in the New World. You can find a report on what we did last year by clicking here.

A deeper connection to ancient people who crossed the Atlantic has not existed since the first years of the Restoration. The ship is in its current state of preservation thanks to the efforts of thousands of people and millions of dollars. Nearly all of that support came from the Old World. Last summer American volunteers donated 3,000 hours of labor on the restoration of the Phoenician ship replica. In the coming year, more volunteers and more donors in the New World will give this project more support. We need to double our efforts to match what the Old World did in the last twenty years. We need more exposure and more funding. This is why we are writing you this letter.

Your interest in what we do has prompted us to reach out to you. With
God’s help, we have already accomplished so much. Your assistance will enable us to make progress on the work we have started with the Phoenicia. We feel that His hand is in this work and with His Spirit we seek to stay on the right course. As a result of God’s providence, Native Americans provide leadership and direction for this project. Your donations are tax deductible under the IRS registration of Heartland Research according to the rules of 501 (3) C.

Under the direction of the board, the LaFontaine’s are taking the lead in
raising money. We know the importance of meeting face-to-face and we want to meet with your friends and associates. We need your support for the restoration of the 600 BC ship replica and the construction of the Phoenician Ship Museum.

The museum will be a home for the Heartland Model and will showcase
evidences and artifacts from this promised land.

Click here to help with the historic restoration.


Captain Philip Beale and Clark Shaffer Discuss Design Concepts for the Phoenician Museum.

Phoenician Museum Concept 1A
Phoenician Museum Concept 1B a
20230111 095152

Cedars of Lebanon Going to Phoenician Ship Museum


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