Eryj B. Sassi, Timech President and Founder chez Association Didon de Carthage (1/9/2023)
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Symbols and Meanings for the Design of Phoenician Ship Museum in Montrose, Iowa

Here is a copy of an email that we sent today concerning the design of the Phoenician Ship Museum.

Erij B.Sassi Trimech
President and Founder chez Association Didon de Carthage قرطاج تونس

Symbols were important to the ancient people of your native land, especially to Dido, the first Queen of Carthage. We recognize you as an authority in this field. You are certainly much more knowledgeable about the history of your people than we will ever be. We particularly like this quote about the history of your people and Queen Dido who were so closely tied to the PHEONICIA ship replica in Montrose, Iowa.

“My people shall, by my command, explore
The ports and creeks of ev’ry winding shore…”
– Queen Dido in John Dryden’s translation of The Aeneid, Bk. I

In the coming days, Clark Schaffer is preparing three illustrations as concepts for the Phoenician Ship Museum. It would be helpful if you could give him some ancient symbols that he might find useful.

In honor of a great Phoenician city, we believe that the Mississippi River was named Sidon by ancient Americans. Perhaps there is a Phoenician symbol that connects to Sidon?

We also have one of the largest collections of Cedars of Lebanon in North America. We have several hundred logs weighing about 50,000 kilograms. The PHOENICIA decks will be built from parts of these logs. There will still be many logs that we could use for the construction of the museum. Is there any way we could make use of this valuable wood in the design of the museum? Please offer some ideas.

Clark Schaffer is a leading Hollywood set designer and has been copied on this email.


John Lefgren

Kids CedarOfLebanon

Cedar of Lebanon at Tyler Arboretum

Horse Head

PHOENICIA Arriving to America

Large Phoenicia

Captain Beale on Deck of PHOENICIA


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