Lebanese Embassy and Phoenician Ship Museum (3/8/2023)

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Yesterday the Honorable Waël Hachem, Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of Lebanon, Dr. Siham Irahin, President and Founder of The Lebanese Joint Civic Association, and Dr. John Lefgren, President and Founder of Heartland Research Inc., met for many hours in Washington, D.C. to discuss preparations for a Lebanese Reception in July at the Phoenician Ship Museum in Montrose, Iowa.

Here are some notes from that meeting.

The Lebanese people recognize the historic significance of Captain Philip Beale’s expeditions around Africa and across the Atlantic in a faithful replica of the Phoenician seafarers’ 2,600-year-old ship.

The replica of the world’s oldest transatlantic ship is being restored in Montrose, Iowa. All this effort is the result the talents and financing of Americans who appreciate how the replica ship rewrites the history of both Old and New Worlds.

Phoenician history is an important part of Lebanon’s history. In the United States, there are more than 500,000 Lebanese-American descendants. All of them are interested in the history of their ancestors, as well as how the ship replica connects them to ancient America.

The Lebanon Embassy in Washington, D.C. wants to give support to Lebanese history in America.

It is Heartland Research’s goal to let the people of Lebanon know how important the ship’s restoration is. The Embassy of Lebanon appreciates that Heartland Research possesses the largest collection of Cedars of Lebanon in America.

The tree is beloved by millions of people in Lebanon and by hundreds of millions of Bible-believing people around the world. Lebanese Americans want to see how Heartland Research honors the history of their tree.

A reception is now scheduled for Saturday, July 15th, at the Phoenician Ship Museum in the Heartland of America for the Lebanese communities. At the reception, the Lebanese will provide food and entertainment. In support of the people involved with the reconstruction of the 40-ton ship, the Head of the the Embassy of Lebanon will attend the reception. There the Honorable Waël Hachem will be able to meet and greet Americans who esteem the history of his country.

Visitors will have a chance to become acquainted with people who represent thousands of years of religious history as found in the Holy Bible. Lebanese Christians have a continuous history that goes back to the time of Jesus and His Apostles. Jesus and His Holy Mother connect to the forests of Lebanon.

There are no other people who can claim such a clear and continuous connection to the earliest times of the Christian Church as the Lebanese.

The Phoenicians are important in the Old Testament. The Phoenician Ship is an important link between the Bible and revealed scripture. We are happy to work with our friends from Lebanon as we organize a reception where Native Americans and the Lebanese will be able to join together in a reunion of their ancient peoples.

We invite all to come to the Lebanese Reception at the PHOENICIAN SHIP MUSEUM on Saturday, July 15th, in Montrose, Iowa on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.

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Dr. Siham Irahin, President and Founder of The Lebanese Joint Civic Association, Washington, DC.

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Dr. John Lefgren, President and Founder of Heartland Research Inc.

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Phoenician Ship Museum Booklet in Washington, D.C.

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Cedar of Lebanon on Display in Washington, D.C.


Wael Hachem Chargé d’Affaires ad interim at Embassy of Lebanon in Washington, D.C.


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