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Heartland Research met for two hours in the Ambassador’s Officer the leaders of the Lebanese Embassy. The reception was warm and friendly.

We started the meeting by mentioning that Lebanon is a small country with a large history. The inventions of the Phoenicians continue to influence so much of the world today. The Phoenician writing system is so important when we communicate with each other. The Phoenicians gave us the best ships from the ancient world. Their ships crossed the oceans and allowed for people in different parts of the world to interact with each. Indeed, so much history from such a small country.

Heartland told the Lebanese diplomats that we brought two things to the meeting. We have the world’s oldest ship replica that crossed the Atlantic. Without the Phoenicians the replica ship would never have been built. We also bring to the table America’s largest Cedar of Lebanon tree that started growing before the Civil War at the birthplace of America. In the meeting Heartland suggested that there is plenty of room for many people to come together. We asked the Lebanese to bring their ancient history and Heartland will bring the ship and the tree. We are sure that by joining forces we will increase our understanding of how the Old World connected to the New World 2,000 years before Columbus.

The Ambassador said that there are 5.6 million citizens in his country and more than 300,000 Lebanese immigrants in America. He is sure that tens of thousands of these people will want to know what we are doing in Iowa. We talked about Captain Philip Beale and how he spent ten days with the Phoenician Ship in the major ports of Lebanon. More than a million viewers saw reports of Captain Beale’s visits on television. We expect a news report from Iowa on Lebanese television will get another million views. We invited the Ambassador to come to Iowa to see for himself the restoration of the ship and our collection of cedar logs. He accepted our invitation and said that he would schedule a day in July when he would come with other leaders of his country.

We are happy to report that Heartland Research now has friends in high places in Lebanon who are willing to support what we are doing in America. We told our new friends that with their expert knowledge of their country’s history we will better understand how the Phoenicians influenced America 2,600 years ago.

In 600 BC, the Phoenicians ruled the seas. Philip Beale and his international crew demonstrated the strength of the ship’s design by sailing around Africa and across the Atlantic. The ship and the logs will rewrite the history of ancient America. Our team is truly excited to be a part of this great endeavor and we are so happy to let the Lebanese see and feel how the Old World connected to the New World 2,000 years before Columbus.

We talked about Lebanon Cedar essential oil and its purifying properties. The Egyptians used it to preserve the dead, including embalming their pharaohs, and Buddhist ceremonies use it to purify the air. It was used to cast out demons during the Middle Ages. Come and experience this perfume that reaches all the way back to the First Temple of Jerusalem and to the ancient cedar oil factory in Upper Galilee that was close to where Jesus and His family lived.

We told our friends that when they come to the Phoenician Ship Museum on the west bank of the Upper Mississippi River in Iowa they will smell for yourself what they already knew when they read about the Cedars of Lebanon in their bibles.

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Excavating Tel Kedesh

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Excavating Tel Kedesh

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Excavating Tel Kedesh


The Flag of Lebanon

Large Phoenicia

Phoenicia – World’s Oldest Ship Replica Crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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The second and last load of Lebanon Cedar logs arrived in Iowa today.

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Lebanese Flag Flying Today at the Embassy.

20230210 120646

Heartland Research Presents Cut Cedar of Lebanon to Head of Mission, Waël Hachem, Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Cedar of Lebanon Slab 4A

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