Cedars of Lebanon En Route (1/27/2023)

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Cedars of Lebanon used for the first time in two thousand years to construct Phoenician ship

There is something remarkable about today. Phoenician ships were constructed from Cedars of Lebanon more than two thousand years ago. This cedar was important to ancient people who built the best ships 600 years before Christ. There are hundreds of records including the Bible that refer to the Cedars of Lebanon. People in the Middle East call the Lebanon Cedar the Tree of God. People of Lebanon proudly put an image of the tree on their national flag.

Today five men spent a total of 50 hours loading 35,000 lbs of logs onto a 16-wheel flatbed semi-truck. Currently, that truck is traveling 1,000 miles from Pennsylvania to Iowa. Monk Creek Woodworks Mill, located 7 miles from the Phoenician Ship Museum, will receive the logs on Monday morning. This is the largest collection of Cedars of Lebanon ever assembled in the United States. Today there are only 1% of the trees on the mountains of Lebanon there were as when the Bible was written. It is indeed a very rare tree.

Heartland Research praises God for allowing us to possess such a collection of logs of this sacred tree. There is no other tree mentioned as frequently in the Bible as the Cedars of Lebanon.

Can we improve on the history of these very logs? Near the Liberty Bell, about 20 miles from the birthplace of America, they were planted. The seedlings were placed in the soil of America ten years before the Civil War. The planters were Bible-believing, freedom-loving people. For nearly 200 years, Philadelpians gathered around the tree to celebrate marriages and family events.

The Tyler Arboretum is pleased that this famous tree will now adorn the decks and other features of the world’s oldest ship replica that crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the Old World to the New World.

This is a momentous occasion for us, and we’re proud to be involved.


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Cedars of Lebanon Going to Phoenician Ship Museum

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