Report from Indiana University (8/15/2023)

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All are welcome at the Phoenicia to see and feel ancient artifacts that are from the Old World in the Heartland.

Yesterday morning we visited America’s best linguistics department at Indiana University in Bloomington. Click here to see more information. This department has more than 90 faculty members and they have government support for the application of computer technologies for the study of lost and neglected languages.

Sunday night we participated in a Zoom meeting with 30 other people who are following the work of Brian Nettles. Click here to see his website and the remarkable collection of stones that are found here in America. The family member who owns and controls these stones was in the Zoom meeting. She is agreeable to working with Heartland Research. She is also a graduate of Indiana University and is pleased that we are working with the linguistics department.

Here are a few points that we brought to the attention of Indiana University faculty members.

(1) We are in the middle of the reconstruction of the Phoenicia on the banks of the Mississippi in Montrose, Iowa. You know Philip Beale and his ship. We have already brought the ship to the attention of hundreds of thousands of Americans. We plan that in the next year, we will be in touch through the internet with millions of Americans.

(2) Our meeting last April with the Tunisian Ambassador in Washington, D.C. was successful. We want to include our friends in the ancient Phoenicians city of Carthage as well as the Ambassador in our plans for next year.

(3) We have museum insurance for the Phoenicia that covers $500,000. We plan to increase that amount to $1,000,000 so we would be able to give security for all artifacts that are on loan to the Phoenician Ship Museum.

(4) Next to the Phoenician Ship Museum there is a beautiful space. Click here to see the site. Last month we rented this space for the Phoenician Ship Open House. We plan to rent the same space next summer for thousands of people to come to see the restoration of the ship and to consider the importance of the ancient connections between Carthage and America. We plan to get on loan from major museums artifacts that we would display for the public to see as we put together the pieces of the ship.

(5) We want to secure funding for next summer’s events in Montrose. In this connection, we cordially invite organizations and experts from both the Old and New Worlds. We know that there is an abundance of artifacts from the valleys of the Mississippi that connect to the ancient people who came thousands of years ago to America with their writing systems.

(6) We are involving the best linguists in America. Many of these scholars received their training from well-known European universities. We have already had several exchanges with Dr. Francis M. Tyers who has a PhD from the Universitat d’Alacant, in Spain. Dr. Tyers is an expert in computational linguistics as well as the study of neglected and lost languages. He has first-hand knowledge of the importance of the Phoenicians on the writing systems of the modern world. We plan to have a follow-up meeting with Dr. Tyers in a few days to discuss how we can begin to examine and understand the engraved characters of the stones from the John White Collection.


Linguistics Department Indiana University.

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Lee County Career Development and Phoenician Ship Museum


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