Nauvoo and Heartland (11/15/2023)

Nauvoo Temple


Nauvoo is a small river town on the Mississippi River. It has a population of about 1,000 but is historically significant to 16,000,000 people. Each year, an estimated 350,000 visitors come to Nauvoo during the summer months to find meaning in the history of their faith.

Heartland Research owns America’s oldest ship replica and 9.37 acres of land across the river from Nauvoo on the west bank of America’s most important river. It was when 2,600 years ago, the Prince of Judah, Mulek, came to the River Sidon with his people from Jerusalem. The Prince found refuge and safety in a Land of Promise. At that same time, most other Jews were on the rivers of Babylon in captivity.

The details of the Jewish captivity are found in the Books of the Old Testament. The Jewish Prince’s escape can be found in America’s book of scripture. These historical accounts give meaning to millions and will bring hundreds of thousands to the Phoenicia Ship Replica on the west bank of the River Sidon.

Yesterday, a representative of Heartland Research met the owner of several tourist properties in the Nauvoo Area. The discussions were open and forward-looking. Tourists occupy more than 600 rooms in Nauvoo during the summer, but the rooms are mostly empty during winter.

Plans are underway to use these off-season rooms as dormitories for university students during the half year when there are few tourists. The programs will be for thousands of students to come to Nauvoo to take online courses where they can enjoy and learn the faith-promoting history of their people, who are an essential part of the history of America.

These thousands of university students will undoubtedly be interested in Phoenicia at Zarahemla. We are eager to prepare our properties as a place of learning and a place of faith. We appreciate the support of donors, small and large, as we prepare for a place where all are welcome. We are excited about the prospect of many intelligent university students who will become aware of the ancient connection between the Old and New Worlds.

We read with great interest from 4 Nephi 16 that … surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God.

The history of the world is filled with death, destruction, and unhappiness. There are hundreds of kingdoms, thousands of wars, and tens of millions of untimely deaths. Human history is unfortunate.

Christ brought two hundred years of happiness to Zarahemla when He came to America. The ancient people of America lived in harmony and peace because of Christ’s Law. It was a peaceful time without wars or contentions.

Zarahemla is the lost city where history’s happiest people lived. We pray to God that the spirits of those ancient people will soon return so there can be peace on earth and goodwill among men. The promises of God are sure, and we want to be in a place where we can align ourselves with the promises in the Land of Promise.


Beautiful Nauvoo.

IMG 9233

Come and see the ship as she comes together in Zarahemla.

ship and land 1

On the west bank of River Sidon.

Historic Nauvoo
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20230817 102815

Phoenicia at Zarahemla.

nauvoo moon stone

Moon Stones on Nauvoo Temple.


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